Lake Tahoe, CA

This summer, we’re taking advantage of Trent’s lack of Sunday work commitments to travel a bit.

Last week, we drove 16+ hours to Lake Tahoe, CA, which is the craziest beautiful lake I’ve ever seen. The water is as clear as the Caribbean, which feels like it can’t even be true, but you’re looking right at it, so…?

Then, mountains rise up on either side of it, big and proud, and you’re like, okay, we get it. You are beautiful and you know it.

Just kidding. Tahoe is more humble than that.

But seriously.

We camped for eight days and spent time with great friends and it was everything a vacation should be.

I’m realizing more and more, as an adult who has to fund my own life, how much of a privilege it is to ever take a vacation. We are incredibly grateful for a more restful season and the ability to travel to see something so beautiful. What a privilege.

We introduced Ailey to lake life, which she took too just fine. I passed my love of water to her, for certain. Thankfully it will be a while before she realizes we live land-locked.

Here we are with sun-kissed noses and happy hearts.


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