my girl, 18 months

 Climbing into this giant chair is just one of the hundreds of things that Ailey insists on doing herself these days.

Her independence is both exciting and hilarious. It’s hard to do things on your own when your fine motor skills are still developing, you know? She sits for quite a while trying to put our shoes on. 

When it won’t cooperate after 10 minutes of trying with the same shoe, she’ll fuss and throw it in frustration. I’m going to pretend she got that from her dad (she didn’t). 

The first few times, I’d ask, “do you want some help?”

And she’d look up, eyes big, and say “hewp?” and nod.

Now, an offer for help is met with a resounding “noooooooo” and a swat. We’re working on manners. 


I think what I’m enjoying most about this age is her growing vocabulary, which is still part nonsense words, but the majority of it is actually English. Who knew?

My favorite pronunciations:

-water = watee 

-color = cuyee

-Lauren = Owen 

-blanket = ban toot 

-doggie and daddy, which sound like the same word

Each day is a new adventure of first experiences for her. How sweet to rediscover the world anew alongside of her, discovering for the first time.

Today, I picked you up from daycare and you didn’t protest leaving your friends or your favorite toys. You laid your head against my shoulder and snuggled close, a little less independent than you might like to let on.

That’s okay, baby. You don’t have to do it all on your own.

I love you, Ailey girl. 


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