year 26

Today is my 26th birthday.

I am full to bursting with all the love around us that bubbles up to the surface on birthdays.

Today was the perfect kind of day. I went to work at a job I love, where birthdays are special and fun, came home to take out that Trent picked up, which we ate on the patio because the weather was glorious. Trent also got dessert–mango sorbet for me and coffee ice cream for him–which we ate on the front stoop while we FaceTimed with my parents and watched Ailey push her beloved toy stroller on the sidewalk, exclaiming “push! Push!” all the way.

I opened some mail. We chatted with neighbors. It was the most delicious kind of day.


This guy was an early present to me, proof that Trent loves me deeply:


So there weren’t any material presents, and I decided that I like it better this way.

I did get some gorgeous flowers at work, which probably count as a present.

I am thankful for a day to lift my spirits, and a day that reminded me to be good to others, because that’s how we show them we love them. And we all need a reminder that we are deeply loved once in a while.


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