how to be nice when other people are not

I am working on being understanding and compassionate, even when the circumstances don’t warrant it lately, and I probably will be for the rest of my days here in this body of mine.

So far, it’s not going great.

I have been so angry and hurt and bitter and grumpy.

I, extreme extrovert, lover of people, have cut myself off, stayed in a licked my wounds, bunkered down with my immediate family (and books for nap times), and just let it all fester.

All of this behavior, I think is reasonable for a time, especially because I haven’t let it negatively affect other people and haven’t projected it or imposed it upon anyone, but I have been so angry. And the thing is, is that I can’t stay this way.

There is life to be lived and people to be loved and relationships to be rekindled and I will not be angry anymore.

I will choose to believe that people act in ways that aren’t nice because sometimes the world is mean, and life is hard, and we make mistakes. We can only move forward and forgive, or it’s not going to be much a life at all, is it?

And I am going to live.


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