on being content now

Here’s the thing I’ve come to recognize in myself lately that is very silly and time-consuming:

I am constantly tweaking a little of this and a little of that in the Great Search for Better Things.

Let me explain. Pursuing that which is better is not something I’m criticizing. What I’m criticizing is the time I spend pursuing the BEST EYELINER FOR QUASI-ASIAN EYES when the one I have is perfectly fine. Or the time I spend scouring Pinterest to find the ultimate hair style to perfectly frame my face shape (which is, what exactly? Heart? Rectangle? Wait, people can have square faces? Wha?) while I currently have a haircut I really like.

Friends, let’s free ourselves from it, shall we? This need to pursue some next best frivolous thing, when what we’ve got is great already. Particularly when I’m happy with what I’ve already got going on, until I see a better (read: newer, trendier) version.

Don’t get me wrong. If you want a change, or the old hair do just isn’t doing anymore, sure, switch it up! And yes, I am all too familiar with the escape that is focusing on the frivolous things of life every so often. I don’t think these things in themselves are bad.

I am just claiming more contentment right now, with what I have and like now, especially in the frivolities, because I have been wasting time on things of little consequence.

And there are so many big consequences.


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