Christmas in the Rockies


Growing up on the East coast meant there were Christmas tree farms every few miles. The one my family usually went to was at the end of the street where we lived, so it was an extra quick ride squished into the branches of our tree choice that season in the back of the family mini-van.

This will be our third Christmas in Colorado (though we’ve always gone back to Maryland for the actual week of). The first year, we lived in a bitty 600-square-foot apartment, so I bought a still-potted, mini tree and poured some glitter on it (hashtag festive!).

The next year, we had a tiny baby, a tiny budget, and a Groupon for a pre-cut tree that was insanely overpriced and browned very quickly.

Then, I heard about how most of the cut-your-own tree situations go down out here in the Wild (almost) West. Since it’s so cost-prohibitive to maintain Christmas tree farms due to water shortages, there are very few of them out here. Instead, there are designated areas where you’re allowed to purchase a permit for $10 and cut your own tree FROM THE FOREST.

The forest service offices across the state sell the permits and hand you a map and off you go.

We even bought an axe for the occasion.

It was great.



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