these days

Pardon the photo dump, but here’s a little look into what we’ve been up to.  You know, for posterity, or something…IMG_6779.JPG

lunch times–Ailey is loving veggie straws, all fruits, and especially ice cream when we give her a little taste.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I suppose.





Here’s how the patio has been looking these days.  Cloth diapering is going pretty well, it saves us a ton of money and has been pretty pain-free and low-maintenance for the most part.  Plus, it makes for really classy lawn ornaments for the neighbors to view.


These times when she falls asleep on my lap are so few and far between now.  She’s ready to walk any day now and so, so busy.  Who has time to sleep when there are all the things to explore?  So I’m cherishing these moments while I can.


IMG_6741.JPGSomeone has discovered who it is she sees in the mirror.  Can you get enough of her face in the photo directly above?  What a ham!



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