good evenings

Tonight was a really great evening. We dropped Ailey at our friends’ place (we swap Wednesdays caring for each other’s mini humans) and headed out!

Once you have children, a child-less date night is such a breath of fresh air. At least for me, when we spend time together as a family, so much of my focus is all about the baby. That’s just where we’re at right now, because she’s an infant, and would you figure, those infants can’t do anything for themselves! So, even though I am totally in love with being a family of three, it’s always nice to get undivided attention on just the two of us, Trent and I. And he is really great.

We weren’t feeling particularly creative in the date department, so we got dinner at Garbanzo (think Chipotle, just with Mediterranean food, so heaven, basically) and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel at my favorite theater around here. There is unlimited popcorn and Arnold Palmer involved, I mean, come on.

I loved it. So subtly funny. Wes Anderson, you dog.

And my favorite big human was with me, so who can complain?

I didn’t take a single picture the whole night and my phone was solidly in my pocket, not being checked, almost the whole time. It was glorious.


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