A Series of Unfortunate(ish) Events

This past weekend was just ridiculous. 

Thursday, we found out that Trent’s job is instating mandatory overtime indefinitely.  Since he already works two jobs, we’re not thrilled that they’re adding time to his already super busy schedule.  Our time together is at such a premium as it is, so it’s disappointing to say the least.  The bright side is that it’s mandatory overtime, which means more monies!  Which we will need, considering how the rest of the weekend went.

Friday, not even hours after a big grocery shopping trip, our fridge bit the dust and totally stopped fridge-ing.  You know.  So, it was a mad dash to find a fridge for hopefully a good deal so that we didn’t also lose all of our groceries.  We did find one.  It was still a pretty big purchase.  Appliances are just crazy.

Saturday, we went to the local dojo (hehe, a dojo in the middle of suburbia) to see a friend test for his black belt (Go, Nick, go!)  Ailey witnessed her first ever karate and seemed to love it, which is pretty fun.  No major expenses that day, thank God.

Sunday, we were lazing about, as you do on Sunday afternoons, and the cat jumped up on the bed right next to Ailey and me, scratched around a bit on our comforter, and proceeded to empty his bladder.  Right in front of me!  Clearly, we are dealing with a cat teenager here.  So, in my haste to save our mattress, I stripped off the sheets and comforter at lightning speeds (you’ve never seen me do laundry so fast, let me tell you), and threw them right into the washing machine (extra hot!).  Guess who left their iPhone on the bed (husband)?  Guess who didn’t see it until it was too late (wife)?  Oops.

Needless to say, we are having a rough go of it.  I’m thankful that all of these things are just minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things, but man.  Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like things are going to go right.  But, then, as I scan back through the paragraphs I’ve just typed, words like “refrigerator” and “iPhone” and “extra monies” jump out at me.  And here is the bottom line: we have a lot more than we need.  Yes, it’s frustrating when the things that we’re accustomed to are broken or lost.  But, in this moment, instead of being annoyed, I’m going to be thankful that we’ve had the means to save for an unexpected refrigerator meltdown and that we’ll be getting a few extra bucks if Trent is required to be at work longer hours.

Also, our new fridge has a pretty sweet ice maker, so Arnold Palmers all around!


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