So long, Maryland

Well, Ailey and I returned to the west(ish), so we are officially back in Colorado for the long haul. After three weeks in Maryland visiting family, it really felt like we lived there. And I guess in some ways, it should. I am a born and raised Marylander. My soul is chock-full of crab cakes and beltway traffic, if souls can be full of such things. I was surprised at how quickly I slipped back into routine there, even now that I have a daughter who wasn’t yet a part of my life when I lived there. But, you know, driving familiar roads and just seeing all of the same sights that I had just stopped noticing after 23 years, and oh, the rain! It just feels like home is supposed to.

So, now we are back in Colorado, where the air is thinner and the mountains are in view, and now that feels like home in a different way. Growing up is so weird and beautiful. I must be maturing if I can attest to the beauty of it, since historically I’ve resisted growing up with every fiber of my being. It’s hard not to cling to the familiarity of youth, isn’t it?  But now it isn’t so bad, this growing thing.  If I have to age, I suppose I should do it gracefully and enjoy the new experiences each stage of life brings my way.

Anyway, here we are, growing up, and along with that, cutting a different path and sorting out the details of a new life for this little family. Ailey will grow up familiar with mountain vistas and so much snow and very little rain–so differently than I did (not to mention legal marijuana, so there’s that). Life is weird.


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