These days, Ailey is still waking up in the middle of the night for a feeding (or two), which means I also wake up a few times. Lately during the awake times in the middle of the night, I’ve been feeling positively parched! I think this must be related to drinking too many Arnold Palmers during the day (I guess you know how that is). So she curls up, back to sleep, and I make the trek for a good, big glass of ice water, and then I get the itch to write about it all. Weird, right?

But, I find myself wanting to remember these little moments. I want to keep a record of these sweet times, despite the dead-tired haze that sometimes accompanies them. I know this little lady won’t be so tiny forever, and is already growing so quickly, actually. So instead of complaining about the exhaustion of it all, I will just embrace my inner night owl and remember what it’s like to have a cooing, tiny human wake me up because she needs something. I’ll remember what it’s like to roll over, half asleep and lean over her bassinet to listen for her faint, little snores, you know–just to make sure. And just to let myself relish in her smallness, and in her great strength at growing, and everything we’ve been through together and have yet to go through. These are special times.

And being awake to hear your husband mumble all sorts of hilarity in his sleep isn’t so bad either.



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