I’ve never paid much attention to baby/pregnancy related phenomena thus far in my life because it was never relevant or particularly interesting to me. Now that it’s become unintentionally relevant, I’ll address the fact that nesting is a real thing. Oh yes, take it from me, procrastinator extraordinaire, because that part of me is slowly being hacked to death by this new, insanely productive, baby-growing, housekeeping machine! I am preparing for you, accidental spawn!

So anyway, here are some delightful cell phone photos for your enjoyment. We don’t know the sex of the baby, so of course the walls have to be a neutral color and all of that. Also, stripes are my jam. With that in mind, here’s what happened:


Prepping for the stripes (the chalk line is your friend)


More prepping…


Creative consultant



Done! Next come bright accessories, etc.


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