Spring Snow

If you could see the view from my window this morning (something that would be possibly if I’d been less lazy and actually taken a picture, sorry), you would see that it’s been snowing since the very early hours of the morning.  Need I remind you, it is APRIL.  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!  I guess Colorado forgot to take its meds for the last month and half, or he/she (is Colorado a girl or a boy?) is just a really big practical joker that likes to stick to all of us newbies.

Anyway, apparently spring snow is pretty normal here.  March is the wettest month, so snow is bound to happen. Which, actually, would be fine because I like winter, but for a few days every week since the beginning of March, it’s been ridiculously warm, like a big punch in the face of “look how awesome the weather could be, just kidding, SNOW!”




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