Why I love my job

I recently started working for a nonprofit that helps adults with special needs learn life and job skills. Among other things, they say some of the most hysterical things you’ve ever heard. Like the following snippet of a conversation, which went on for an entire 45 minute car ride:

V: She looks like a chia pet.
E: K, she says you look like a chia pet.
K: I do not, V!
V: She looks like Casper the friendly ghost.
E: K, V says you look like Casper!
K: No I don’t, V!
V: I’m going to buy you a house and a car for Christmas. And a boyfriend.
Me: I don’t think you want to buy a boyfriend.
K: yeah, you should just FIND a boyfriend.
E: I have a boyfriend but he’s in another state and I haven’t talked to him in a while.
K: I’ve never found a boyfriend yet, but I’m going to find one and then I’m going to marry him!


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