New Spaces

Oh, this poor, neglected blog.  Unfortunately, ever since high school, it’s been a pattern of mine to begin a blog and then quickly let it fall to the wayside after posting regularly for a few weeks.  However, I’m becoming more and more determined not to let that happen with this one!  I want this to be a space that I update regularly and give a lot of thought to.  It’s a nice, central location to keep track of all of life’s little details.  And there have been so many lately.

We’re moving again.  I think I’ve moved no less than four times in the last three years, and I am so, so over it.  But, this time, it’s just down the street and around a few corners, not across the country.  We’re upgrading to a little townhouse of our own, which seems so grown up and so ridiculous, but it’s happening.  Can you believe it?  We close at the end of the month, happy birthday to me!


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