Oh me, oh my, the topic of discontentment is a doozy for me.  If I’m being honest, I’m totally guilty of finding myself discontent with something about my present circumstances, whatever those may be.  I find it especially easy to wallow in discontentment when I can look at everything I don’t have via Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/whatever at the touch of my fingertips.  But, I’ve really been struggling lately with the fact that living this way is just ridiculous!  What a recipe for unhappiness, and attempting to fill the void with some really meaningless things.  If my apartment isn’t organized within an inch of its life, guess what?  NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.  If I never get any of those adorable outfits that I keep pinning all the livelong day, guess what?  I will be just fine.  Yes, it’s true.

So anyway, with the beginning of the year (sort of) still upon us, I’m attempting to snap out of it. My need to banish all my first-world discontentment woes became extremely apparent at work the other day.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I work at a nonprofit organization that empowers adults with special needs.  It’s a job that I absolutely love (there’s some contentment!), and at one point during the day, one of my coworkers posed the question to the group, “what is the BEST job you can think of in the world?”  And without taking even one second to think about the answer, several hands shot up.

“Working at the movie theater!” one guy announced.

“Oh, the bowling alley!” answered another woman.

Before long, I realized that everybody was answering with the jobs that they currently held; actually, with jobs that the rest of us usually consider to be “lower than us,” or jobs that aren’t especially desirable.  I felt so convicted.  Seriously, Michelle? I have a job I love, and I am so blessed in so many facets of life that frankly, it just seems stupid that I would ever even consider throwing a pity party because my apartment is a tad smaller than I’d like.  You know, that apartment that I can AFFORD with HEAT and RUNNING WATER and a whole book’s work of amenities that the majority of the world can’t afford to enjoy.

So anyway, that was my reminder to get it together and count my blessings, instead of paying more attention to the things that don’t matter.


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