’tis the season


Well, here we are already. How are we already saying goodbye, 2012?! We’re in the home stretch, and I must say, you’ve been one of my favorite years thus far. I was thinking the other day about how this will be a year I look back on longingly for the rest of my life. I graduated college, got married, moved across the country, found a job I loved, and just LIVED ALL THIS LIFE.

So that’s pretty wonderful.

But at the same time, I have mixed feelings now that we’re here, at the end of 2012. What if I don’t like you, 2013? I know we haven’t even met yet, but you never know! What if you’re full of difficulty and frustration? What if you bring a lot of broken resolutions and discontent? What if you’re just brimming with reminders that my family is 1600 miles away, and that things in the world can be really sad?

It’s hard to admit that sometimes these are the things that run through my head. I want to be able to be optimistic all of the time. I want to be better at trusting God in the face of this new, unknown year. But that gets easier when I think about what 2013 could bring.

What if you are full of new adventures? What if you fill my life with new friends, and visits from family, and delightful new beginnings? What if you are even better than my good friend 2012? Oh new year, what am I going to do with you?


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