Annual Fall Nostalgia

I know I’m not the only one who feel this way about the arrival of fall, but this year does feel a little different, since there have been so many recent changes for us.  I feel strangely nostalgic for all of these things that I had very recently, but now I don’t anymore.  Like family living nearby, and humidity.  Seriously, who gets nostalgic about humidity?  This girl, right here, with the ridiculously ashy knee caps (it’s a real problem, people).

Perhaps another reason I’m feeling so nostalgic lately is that I LOST MY JOURNAL.  I have always liked to record memories and mull them over.  I’ve kept a journal religiously since approx. age 8, in order to write down all of these memories that I want to keep intact for years to come.  Obviously, this habit of mine has filled the pages of several journals over the years, and this year I’ve been writing in a nice black and white one.  And it’s been an eventful year for us.  I wrote about graduating college, Trent proposing, our engagement, our wedding, moving, and several other major events that have happened within the last year.  AND IT MIGHT BE LOST.  I’m desperately hoping that I didn’t leave it in a hotel room on our way across country, but who knows.  We’ve unpacked all of our belongings, and we live in a 650 sq. ft. apartment, so I’m not hopeful.  Although, I do have the largest lack of ability to find anything that I attempt to look for, so there’s that. 

Anyway, there’s no real point here, other than have you seen my journal?


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