Building our own furniture

We’re feeling thrifty. After an extended hunt for a long, thin coffee table that would fit both our teensy apartment and our even more teensy budget, we decided it would actually be cheaper to just build one. I did some research and thanks to the awesome Ana White, found the plans for a dreamy, rustic, solid wood table. Off we went to Home Depot:



That nice man in the picture made a billion cuts for us. Which is particularly awesome since we have a wimpy circular saw and the one at Home Depot could saw through a freakin’ Redwood (which would actually be horrible–I disapprove). But it’s massive. So anyway, they make complimentary cuts for you, which is great. Then the guy who actually checked us out totally thought we were trying to pull one over on him with all of our cut wood (we weren’t) and acted like he’d never seen cut lumber. But you work in the lumber section of Home Depot??? What gives, sir? Anyway, we paid for ALL of the wood, which came to about $60. Not bad!

We aren’t quite finished yet, but it’s starting to look like a table!



Those are with it on its side, of course! I’m getting excited to see the finished product! I’m also getting super excited about the idea of DIY-ing the whole house and selling all of the furniture I make and becoming very wealthy. Trent is skeptical ;).


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