6200 feet

So, we were warned before we moved here about the altitude.  And, let me tell you, those warnings were completely warranted, because the altitude will kick your butt.  I never thought too much of it, because I’d been here before and I never really felt strange.  But before, they were short visits, and I blamed the complete and utter exhaustion on jet lag.  Well, my friends, jet lag does not appear to be the culprit, because we DROVE HERE TWO WEEKS AGO and I still feel like if I drank every last drop of potable water in the entire state, my body would still whither up and die.

No, but seriously, to assuage the effects of this ridiculous position above sea level, you are supposed to drink TWO TIMES the normally suggested amount of water.  That’s sixteen 8 oz. glasses in one day.  And if you’re hopelessly addicted to iced tea like I am, then just forget about it.

So that might explain why I’ve been sleeping approximately 50% of all of the time.  Also, I wonder how long I get to blame being completely out of shape on the altitude.  Yay!


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